Your peach
I want to be happy.
I want long hugs, kisses in the rain, tattoos.
I want a large smile in my face and happy big blue eyes.
I want to live a full life.
I want to travel all around the world, experiences.
I want parties, music, dances, drinks.
I want you, I want me, I want us.
I want the world and everything that it can offer me.

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Sometimes we waste too much time thinking about someone who doesn’t think about us for a second. -

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Coconut Palms Kimono

(by ikebana,)

hey, i’m ashley. send me “sup” and i’ll follow you back, always!


enter my tropical paradise ✌❁☯☼
Honestamente… eu amo você. - Cartas para Julieta. (via fraquejou)